September 24, 2010

Fort Myer Open

Fort Myer 2010 Fort Myer Open

Sept 15, 2010 - Washington DC: In honoring and remembering those Service men and women who lost their lives 9 years ago on Sept. 11th, MRF paid tribute by hosting its' second annual MRF Fort Myer Open at Fort Myer Army Base this past weekend. The weather was perfect to gather over 30 some players to play some outstanding matches. Players from as far as Texas, and Pennsylvania came to support this tournament. We have to Thank our sponsors Racquetworld, E-Force, and Ektelon along with the staff (Pete, Todd, Mike, Brandon, and Sylvia) at Fort Myer for allowing us to be able to put on another successful tournament.

Photos of this event

Fort_Myer The MRF Crew at work:
Jack Hughes, Peggine Tellez and Steven Harper
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August 13, 2010


Houston Walter Reed Army Medical Center

WALTER REED, Washington DC; August 11th, 2010 - WOW! What an amazing day we had at WALTER REED Army Medical Center; the greatest opportunity to play some racquetball with some very special and talented Wounded Warriors. Michael Carrasquillo (an Army Sergenant Wounded Warrior), Amp (Chapter President of Fort Belvoir), Kevin (an Active Duty Army Soldier - currently serving in the DC area) and myself (Steven Harper - MRF, Executive Director) spent a day teaching 20 some Wounded Warriors the fundamentals of racquetball. Some of these Warriors are dealing with unique, yet serious combat injuries but still find the courage and strength to keep getting back up. The theme at WALTER REED is, although life is tough and has handed you a sour lemons, you must choose to make lemon-aide. That's what our students who participated in this one-day demonstration feed on....... some of their injuries were loss of limbs (amputees - either they lost one or both legs in combat), wheelchair bound patients, some suffering with PTSD/Depression, and even one Warrior was a quadro-paraplegic (meaning he had lost both arms and legs) but he still PLAYED RACQUETBALL FOR THE DAY! - - Real Courage!!

More photos of this event

Special Thanks to E-Force, RacquetWorld and Team Ektelon and because of their huge Support of MRF, we were able to give away several racquets, bags and other goodies. Our day was filled with drills such as; the Medicine ball - throwing it against the wall to develop sound core muscles, tossing frisbees to define a backhand, and other training tools.


All in all, each Warrior appeared to have a Great time, but it was us at MRF who were Honored just to have a moment to spend a day with those who sacrificed for this Great Country. I have to say a special Thank You to Ms. Tiffany Smith, Ms. Penny Miller, and Mr. Harvey Naranjo of WALTER REED Military Advance Training Center (MATC) who allowed us to spend a day with their Wounded Warriors.

MRF will be looking forward to work more with WALTER REED to continue our efforts to actually teach more at the Medical Center...... Stay tuned for more upcoming information on this new program.

(Disclaimer: Walter Reed Army Medical center does not endorse any financial support for this organization's efforts)

Steven Harper, USN (Ret)
Executive Director, MRF

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June 30, 2010

The MRF has partnered up w/ WOR for another gala event! And of all the places... "SIN CITY"


Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip


World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) and the World Players of Handball (WPH) are hosting the "2010 WORLD 3 WALL BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS", the largest outdoor racquetball/handball event ever on September 23rd-26th, 2010. At least ten portable outdoor courts will be built in a parking lot right in front of the event's Host Hotel, the spectacular Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. Prize money will be in excess as over $45,000 in cash prize money will be paid out in the professional and open divisions. Along with WOR and the WPH, the Classic Professional Racquetball Tour (CPRT), Military Racquetball Federation (MRF), National Police Racquetball Association (NPRA) and World Firefighter Racquetball Association (WFRA) will be represented with divisions at the World 3 Wall Ball Championships. The event will provide charitable contributions to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association

Racquetball Professionals already confirmed for this event are; Rocky Carson (IRT), Jose Rojas (IRT), Greg Solis (WOR), Craig "Clubber" Lane (WOR), Kevin Booth (WOR), Mike Peters (WOR), Robert "Iceman" Sostre (WOR), Cliff Swain (CPRT), Woody Clouse (CPRT), Brett Harnett (CPRT), Rhonda Rajsich (WPRO), Paola Longoria (WPRO) and Aimee Ruiz (WPRO). You can expect this list to grow considerably over the next few months!!


HOST HOTEL: The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino is the host of the of the 2010 World 3 Wall Championships and most convenient hotel in relation to the courts. Make sure to support the hotel that is making this all happen. The rates are fantastic, so don't wait to reserve your room!! or call 1-800-998-6937 Use Discount Code: C-3wall



COURT DIMENSIONS: The dimensions will be the same as the courts on PCH in Newport Beach, CA. If you're an outdoor player from So Cal then you know what I'm talking about. For non So Cal players, this means the courts will have the following dimensions.

  • 23 ft. wide
  • 40 ft long
  • 20 ft long side walls
  • 20 ft tall front wall tapering down to 10 ft along the side walls

BALL: The official ball of the 2010 World 3 Wall Championships will be the Ektelon Fireball (Red).

SANCTIONING: All players must be members of WOR. The annual cost for this membership is $15.

Please make sure to check all of the information on the sign up site, especially the awesome number of divisions being offered at this event. Las Vegas is a 24 hour city and if this event draws a large number of racquetball and handball players then play can expect to extend into the early morning hours. How cool would it be to have a midnight match on the Las Vegas Strip?? I can't think of anything much cooler than that in racquetball. I'll be there for sure!! As the Event Liason, please contact me if you have any questions or comments. You can reach me at or (209) 969-4497.


Keep em rollin or hit em out the door!!...............

John Ellis
Event Liason

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July 17, 2010

MRF at the WOR Championships in Huntington Beach, CA July 8-11

2010 WOR in HB

2010 WOR Championships

With over 300 players, the 2010 Racquetball Warehouse World Outdoor Racquetball Championships (WOR) played out July 8-11 in Huntington Beach, CA. and the MRF was there.

more to come!!

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June 1, 2010



2010 MRF Player of the Year
Kimo Hansen (L) and Master Chief Kevin Brylski (R)

Congratulations to Kimo Hansen the recipient of the 2010 MRF Outstanding Achievement Award.

Soon to be retiring Master Chief Kevin Brylski, in his dress whites, struck an impressive image as he announced the 2010 winner. Kimo Hansen has served in the Army for 22 years, with 3 tours of service in Iraq as a Longbow Apache Helicopter pilot. His pride in serving his country is only matched by his infectious enthusiasm for racquetball. Kimo is an inspiration to the MRF for his boundless energy and drive to bring as many folks into this sport as he can. The MRF chose to honor Kimo for his diligent work on the Iron Horse Open event in Texas, raising over $2000 for the families of the shooting tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas this past November and for the example he sets as we work towards building additional base chapters. On behalf of the MRF, we congratulate Kimo Hansen.


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June 1, 2010



MRF COURT LOGO: On championship court
throughout the week

A great week in Houston with MRF & USAR working together to promote & honor military racquetball. A number of the highlights;

-MILITARY DIVISION WINNERS: All will receive a congratulations letter from MRF.

  • Open/A: Travis Passey
  • B/C: Michael Hall
  • 40+: Rabbit Rogers

- MRF COURT LOGO: On championship court throughout the week (see picture above)

- BANQUET: A great event & first annual MRF Award presented to Kimo Hansen by Kevin Brylski representing MRF.

- USAR: We are very excited about the direction we are all headed together & we look forward to working with Mark as the liaison between our two organizations.

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May 11, 2010




Chris Coy

[read his full story]
Chris Coy – What an Amazing Story!! This future racquetball champion, Chris Coy was born with cancer in his stomach, which was discovered at five weeks of age. At three, he was diagnosed with a vascular infection that spread down his leg. The Coy family endured three years of chemotherapy and Chris’s left foot and ankle were amputated at age four. He began preschool using a prosthetic limb below the knee.

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Apr 18, 2010

2nd annual MRF racquetball event held at Randolph AFB

2010 MRF Texas Open was a success. Held at the beautiful Rambler Athletic facility on Randolph AFB, players enjoyed the hosting efforts of Clarita Parra and Glenn Martineau. This was Glenn’s swan song in Texas as he is relocating to the Virginia area in the Fall. Several players returned to the 2nd running of this event and we thank all the folks who participated.

Rambler Athletic facility on Randolph AFB

The Rambler Fitness Center at Randolph AFB in Texas hosted its second annual MRF racquetball event involving combined service personnel.

Players came out in support of their bases- Randolph, Lackland and Ft Hood and from as far away as California, Oklahoma and Louisiana. These players represent the untapped loyalty to racquetball in our Armed Forces that we are committed to serving.

The Rambler Staff under Rick Prado, with Marlin Richardson were very receptive to the preparations for our tournament and their able staff helped us be sure the site was ready and able to shine for this event.

Coast Guard’s Glenn Martineau and Rambler regular, Clarita Parra, worked efficiently to take care of the players. The tournament featured pool play and round robin formats to allow for maximum match play with the participants ready to head to their courts. Talk about Military Precision!!

This event is an example of the type of program we are working on in conjunction with bases around the country and it was with great pride that Texas has been host to 3 racquetball events in the last year and there is already a one-day shoot out slated for August at Ft. Hood. This all lead up to the MRF National Championships held each November in San Diego California. These events are dedicated to providing racquetball competition in which only our Active/Retired/Veteran Military Service personnel, and in some cases, dependents may participate.

There are other areas of focus for racquetball in the Military on the horizon including our new alliance with the Wounded Warrior program as well as the amazing growth of competitions on US bases all around the globe. Please be sure to visit our website, for more information and a calendar of upcoming events. If you want to learn more about running events and instructional programs at your base, please contact Jack Hughes:

- Men’s Open – 1st Lorenzo Valdez, 2nd Glenn Martineau
- Men’s Elite – 1st Justin Hall, 2nd Gus Sanchez
- Men’s A - 1st Yza Garza, 2nd Ronald Harris
- Men’s B/C – 1st Carlos Bushman, 2nd Miguel Solis
- Men’s 25/35 – 1st Justin Hall, 2nd Mustafa Abdus-Salaam
- Men’s 45 – 1st Donovan Brown, 2nd Dirk Huck
- Men’s 55B/C – 1st Tom McCullough, 2nd Clarita Parra

Pictures still to follow

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Mar 31, 2010

AL Udeid, Qatar March Madness Tournament

With growing support another successful tournament sanctioned by MRF took place at the BPC Gym at Al Udeid Qatar this past weekend (March 26th) with the help of Libby McCrainey, Andrew Taylor and MSgt “Rabbit” Rogers and staff. Players even made it down from Camp Arijan Kuwait (SFC “Piper” Murray) competed and took second in the Advanced Men's Division. With a total of 21 players the events are growing slowly but surely. All the players had a great time and look forward to additional events at Al Udeid, Qatar.

Al Udeid Base, Qatar


Advanced Open/A Level
1st MSgt “Rabbit” Rogers
2nd SFC “Piper” Murray
3rd Maj Ben Samuels

Intermediate B/C levels
1st Lt Col Jim Looney
2nd TSgt Matt Twehues
3rd TSgt Jason Hills

Beginner level
1st MSgt Rich Drake
2nd SrA Michael Gouch
3rd TSgt Jason Hills

Advanced Level Names: MSgt “Rabbit” Rogers, SFC Alex “Piper” Murray, Maj Ben Samuels, Col J Lewis

Intermediate Level Names: TSgt Jason Hills, SSgt Robert Pupilis, TSgt Paul Bulleman, SMSgt John Middaugh, TSgt Christopher Varner, LtCol David Grenier, SSgt Logan Berry, 1st Lt Travis Koerner, Capt Rick Trueman, TSgt Matt Jessel, LtCol Bruce Fike, TSgt Kenji Brooks, TSgt Matt Twehues, LtCol Jim Looney

Beginner Level Names: SrA Michael Gouch, MSgt Richard Drake
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Mar 24, 2010




Costa Mesa, CA; March 24, 2010 – The Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) has joined forces with the Wounded Warrior Project on a newly developed racquetball program for wounded warriors. The program will debut at the Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego. MRF will provide equipment and lessons at this center and plans to expand these efforts nationwide.

Steven Harper, MRF Executive Director, commented; “The Wounded Warrior Project is an invaluable organization supporting wounded warriors and their families who have made great sacrifices for their country. It is one of our priorities at the MRF to provide a portion of our rehabilitative services to these wounded warriors and offer them the opportunity to learn and ultimately compete in the sport of the racquetball.”


To date, over 34,000 members of our nation’s armed forces have been physically wounded at war and studies estimate that more than 300,000 will suffer from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. WWP provides programs and services to assist injured veterans and their families during their recovery, rehabilitation and transition. Whether through caregiver retreats, benefits counseling, combat stress programs, career and education services, or adaptive sporting opportunities, Wounded Warrior Project’s vision is to help make this generation of wounded warriors the most successful and well-adjusted in our nation’s history.

About Wounded Warrior Project

The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower wounded warriors. Its purpose is to raise awareness and to enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service members, to help severely injured men and women aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs. WWP is a national, apolitical organization headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. To get involved and learn more, visit

The Military Racquetball Federation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was created to organize, promote, serve, and grow racquetball & fitness throughout all branches of the military worldwide. MRF is dedicated to the men & women, and their families, who are currently or have served our country here and abroad.

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Mar 22, 2010


Photo Gallery

Clayton, NC; March 24, 2010 - For the first time in North Carolina, MRF made history once again. The 70 degree weather couldn’t have been more perfect on March 20th, 2010 to hold an exhibition for the citizens of Clayton to experience a new thrill of outdoor racquetball. With months of planning leading up the event, the day started out extremely early (around 5:30 in the morning) by unloading a 26 ft Penske rental truck that actually transported the court. The court took about seven hours to assemble, because of an uneven parking lot and special thanks to Lynn Stephens of Southern Pines, NC (who was a contractor for more than 15 years) came to the rescue to help to bring the court to life. The opening ceremony commenced with Col Chet Beverly (USAF Ret) and MSgt Leonard "Hawk" Hunter (USAF Ret) of the Tuskegee Airmen leading those in the crowd to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. They then gave their personal war stories of what they endured during WWII and the Viet Nam era. Thereafter the assistant fire marshal of Clayton spoke to the audience on fire safety and prevention during the event. He also brought one of his fire engines for children to tour and to get an understanding on how firefighters are able to combat fires.


MRF Outdoor Racquetball Demostration

Play then commenced with players from as far as Texas and the Fort Bragg area playing several games of doubles. Over 15 games were played; each game going to 11. Over 50 families were on sight to watch how four people/two teams could work together to win a point. After all players were done playing and pretty exhausted, several games of singles were then played. These games were fun to watch, especially a match between GySgt Herman Brooks (USMC – Ret) of Dallas, Texas and MSgt Leon Johnson (USAF) of Fayetteville, NC. The next extremely exciting match to watch was the game between Maurice McKoy (who is in the Air Force ROTC program and was recently accepted in the United States Air Force Pilot program upon his graduation from N.C. A&T State University) and Steven Harper (the “old man” of MRF – Executive Director). The two brawled it out, but at the very end, Maurice was able to walk away as the victor, defeating Steven 7 – 6. The ladies enjoyed themselves too…… CarLotta Mitchell (civilian) of Raleigh, NC played intensely against her doubles’ partner Joy Mattocks CPT, USA of Fayetteville, NC.

It was an extremely fun time while making history! This FREE event would not have been possible without the support in conjunction with WOR, Ektelon, and E-Force. MRF’s goal was for everyone to have a great time while playing & learning racquetball. Saturday March 20th, MRF exceeded that goal, because there have been new requests for MRF to bring the outdoor portable court to other cities on the eastern seaboard. MRF was created to organize, promote, and grow racquetball & physical fitness throughout all branches of the military worldwide. Two years ago, MRF put this court on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, in San Diego CA in an effort to show the Sailors a different and new means of staying physically fit (the first time in Navy history). MRF did it again in North Carolina to show the public a new way & fun way to enjoy working out. Many special thanks go to The Church of Clayton Crossings, the city of Clayton, Penske Rental Truck Company, and to our local sponsors; Starbucks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Outback Steakhouse, and Walmart for their community support in this event.

As it was stated last year, this new season of 2010 will be an extremely busy for MRF as we move forward into new territories of growing this sport of racquetball to our men and women of the Armed Services.

Thanks to all the active duty and retired military personnel who participated in this outdoor racquetball exhibition.

With Special Thanks to Col Chet Beverly (USAF Ret) and MSgt Leonard "Hawk" Hunter (USAF Ret), representatives of the local Tuskegee Airmen Inc chapter. Although they are not actual members of the famous WWII fighter group, they travel around the country telling the Tuskegee Airmen story.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to all those who supported this event...

Check out this link for more pictures:

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Mar 16, 2010

Joint Forces North East Regional Tournament March 12-14

Another Great Quality tournament sanctioned by MRF took place at Joint Force McGuire Dix this past weekend (March 15th) with the help of Craig Casucci and staff. Players even from California (LCDR Chhem Young-pen) competed and won the Open Men's Division, and even Scott Winters from Ektelon made a guest appearance to support this first time event. All the players had a great time and look forward to continued events at Joint Base McGuire Dix...... More pictures to follow soon

Men’s Open (4 players round robin format)
1.Winner: Chhem Young-pen
2.Second: Howard Rein
3.Third: Kyle Buono
4.Brian Capo withdrew due to injury

Mens A (10 Players Double Elimination):
Winner: Terry Tanner- Undefeated
Second: Rene Harris: final is only loss
Roy Elm: one win two losses

Mens C-D: ( 4 Players Double Elimination)
1.Winner: Fred Mangino (Same Day registrant)
2.Second: Ezzard O’Brien
3.Third: Eric Jones
4. Buddy Wolfe: Eliminated.

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Mar 11, 2010

Results from the Aviano Tournament 20-21 February 2010

The RB tournament in Aviano, Italy was outstanding this past weekend. Thanks to the Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) for sanctioning the Aviano tournament and providing support.

The Aviano Members-at-Large and staff Harold Ackett, Kevin Goulet, Sirron Bailey, and Brian Taylor did a super job hosting the tournament. A special thanks go to Ms. Nina Hackett and A1C Whiteman, for the refreshments, fruits, snacks, and excellent Aviano hospitality.

Congratulations to all the 1st place winners and participants. The points will be posted on the AEAR MRF website soon.

Open Men’s
1st Place: Kevin Goulet

Open Women’s
1st Place: Del Prato Consuelo

Men’s B
1st Place: Kevin Comer

Men’s C
1st Place: Rudy Grajales

Men’s D
1st Place: Sherry Sasser

1st Place: Harold Ackett

1st Place: Kevin Goulet

The next AERA tournament is in Stuttgart, Germany on 27 & 28 Feb 2010. Visit the AERA website for details.

Also, registration is available for the Italian Open on 6-7 March in Brembate (Bergamo) Italy.

Also, registration is available for the German Open on 26-28 March in Hamburg, Germany.

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Mar 10, 2010

MRF hosts first event in Qatar: Al Udeid Base

MRF continued to expand and support its reach in the Middle East as the first event ever in Qatar was held last week at the Al Udeid Base. This is the first of a series that we will be running at Al Udeid Base.

Top 3 finishers:
1st MSgt Fred "Rabbit" Rogers
2nd Col Brian McNabb
3rd CMSgt Sherrill "Lew" Lewis (Ret)
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Mar 10, 2010

Results from the Stuttgart Tournament 27-28 February 2010

Greetings Racquetball Players and Supporters

The RB tournament in Stuttgart, Germany was outstanding this past weekend. Thanks to the Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) for sanctioning the Stuttgart tournament and providing support. A special thanks to the Patch and Kelly Fitness Centers Staff for hosting the tournament.

The Stuttgart Members-at-Large and staff Bill Ellis, David King and Shelly DeRousseau did a super job hosting the tournament.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. The points will be posted on the AERA MRF website soon.

Open Men's
1st Place: James "JJ" Johnson
2nd Place: Ed "AC" Acuavera
3rd Place: Margarito "Margo" Castanon
4th Place: Thomas Zuber

Men's A
1st Place: Robert Ivancie
2nd Place: Trace Gunsch
3rd Place: Tony Walk
4th Place: Kevin Comer

Men's B
1st Place: Joey Gibbons
2nd Place: Eugene Ojeda
3rd Place: Allen Eininger
4th Place: Bill Reynolds

Men's C
1st Place: Felipe Toro
2nd Place: Garrett Gardner
3rd Place: Shelly DeRousseau
4th Place: Walter Sauer

Doubles A
1st Place: Victor Farrier and Joey Gibbons
2nd Place: Bill Reynolds and Allen Eininger
3rd Place: Bill Ellis and Steve Bennet
4th Place: Shelly DeRousseau and Garrett Gardner

Registration is available for the Italian Open on 6-7 March in Brembate (Bergamo) Italy.

Also, registration is available for the German Open on 26-28 March in Hamburg, Germany.

Visit the AERA website for details at:

Joey Gibbons
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MRF in the Press


"Rhonda Rajsich supporting MRF at the Cincinnati Open...."

img"WPRO Pro Rhonda Rajsich shows her support for
the MRF while winning the tour event in
Cincinnati, Ohio."

January 31, 2010 - Rhonda Rajsich def. Cheryl GudA Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) satellite event was held in Cincinnati, and top seed Rhonda Rajsich won by defeating 2nd seed Cheryl Gudinas in the final, 11-9, 12-10, 11-5.

In the semi-finals, Rajsich beat Sharon Jackson, 11-8, 11-1, 11-5 and Gudinas got past Adrienne Fisher, 11-2, 11-7, 6-11, 11-0.

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MRF Mid-Atlantic Regional Open

MRF DC Tournament Sept 2009

September 14, 2009 - MRF just completed a magnificent military regional tournament in the Washington DC area at Fort Myer Army Base. Over 45 players came from NC, Maryland, and the DC area to compete in this regional tournament, leading up to the National Tournament taking place in San Diego, CA in November (13 - 15 November, 2009).

Some of the tournament’s pre-event activities included visiting the Pentagon and paying respect to all those who lost their lives on Sept 11th. During the tournament, MRF was also honored to participate in a Wreath Laying ceremony at the ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY. Military Racquetball Federation is making history. During the wreath laying ceremony, the Honor Guard announced that MILITARY RACQUETBALL FEDERATION would be presenting a wreath to the Unknown Soldier for public display.

MRF is moving forward as military racquetball players compete on regional/national levels, and we also get to experience true Military Customs and Traditions.

Check out the wreath laying photos by clicking here...

Check out the tournament photos by clicking here...

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